Fotowrx is a consortium of creative photographers inspired to make provocative work. Each exhibiting artist has achieved recognition over a career dedicated to stretching the boundaries of photography as a medium for personal expression.

Medium to High

In fact, “medium” becomes a fluid term in which the frame acts more as a container for the parry and thrust of the artist’s exploration into difficult, often deeply personal themes that resolve, or otherwise linger, through the artist’s interpretive process of image making. From James Friedman’s hauntingly colorful 12 NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMPS to Lawrence Hathaway’s soulful portraits of SOME PEOPLE, each of the artists has organized their collections around subject matter that demonstrates a heartfelt impulse – and in their sparing selection of pictures, amplifies an idea that not only engages the eye but speaks to our shared vulnerability.


James Friedman is co-founder and chief curator of Fotowrx Gallery, and a legendary photographer as well as mentor for exhibiting artists. Collaborating with author Jonathan Green, he was the picture editor for American Photography: A Critical History, which won the Nikon Book of the Year Award, and has helped countless photographers earn recognition and share their work with a variety of audiences. Jim’s decades-long influence in the field of photographic arts continues with Fotowrx Gallery, including an exhibit of his iconic personal work.

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PHOTO: © Lloyd Lemmermann