Beyond Limits

ARE YOU READY TO GROW? Is your photography on the verge of a breakthrough, but you’ve become wed to a certain way of doing the work, even when exciting forms of creative expression abound when we push beyond the limits impeding us?

This class is for you: the visual artist willing to challenge the limitations of photographic convention and explore freshly seen, innovative perspectives that re-ignite the creative soul – and even gain a wider audience through the inhibitions you conquered.

Many of us chose to become expressive photographers in an effort to invent our own rules and to pursue a creative life outside the boundaries of established norms. Along the way, we adopted a personal style that may have bound our photography to a certain creative approach. Without noticing, newly self-imposed limitations emerged, discouraging experimentation, risk-taking and the opportunity that uncertainty affords – all of which are key to continued growth as a creative.

It’s time to push beyond those familiar limits.


As the flagship workshop for Fotowrx, and basecamp for exploring creative terrain through other classes and personal mentoring, Beyond Limits will be led by photographer and educator James Friedman, who will guide participants in dilating their creative aperture to encompass new ways of seeing the world. Jim will also go deep into discussion about photographers and artists who overcame self-imposed and societal restrictions to create what has become indelible work. If there’s a boundary, it’s the one established around the workshop participants, who will be encouraged to experiment in ways that build more confidence in pushing their limits within a friendly, instructive and creatively engaging environment.

James Friedman could be considered a national treasure of photography.

Founder and Editor,

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As a group, we’ll examine new photographs and emerging projects that deal with the relatively daring strategies that participants try – with an eye on how these may or may not work successfully. We’ll engage with the work of influential historical and contemporary artists whose approaches may be inspirational or offer new territory to investigate. Participants will be encouraged to explore fresh or unfamiliar techniques through exercises and occasional creative assignments in order to build awareness of their self-imposed limitations, adjust their perspective and become more adept at pushing their work in new directions.


  • An ability to identify your photographic limitations, and to become aware of new possibilities by experimenting with different approaches
  • A greater understanding of successful artists and the boundaries they pushed, including the challenges faced and the iconic work they produced
  • The knowledge that your personal style is unique to you but that taking a bigger swing can deliver bigger hits
  • An ability to speak more eloquently about your work and that of other participants by working toward a greater photographic fluency
  • The value of working within a safe and collaborative partnership with other participants to enhance each other’s personal work


Participants will be expected to be proficient in the technical knowledge of their camera and have a demonstrated ability to create successful analog or digital images. A willingness to participate actively and in a non-judgmental manner will contribute directly to the enjoyment of the workshop for everyone. For photographers unfamiliar to the instructor, a review of selected images and brief discussion regarding the prospective student’s goals for the class is required.

NOTE: This workshop meets online via Zoom. We encourage participants to install and test the software on your device prior to the workshop.

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Beyond Limits

October 4 – November 22, 2022
Every Tuesday
7:00-9:00 p.m. EST
10 (max.) participants


JAMES FRIEDMAN is an acclaimed educator and one of the most talented and uncompromising photographic artists working today. His work has been exhibited internationally and has appeared in numerous books and prestigious critical publications. He is an Aaron Siskind Foundation Individual Photographer’s Fellow and recipient of the Governor’s Award for the Arts in Ohio. He is deeply committed to the growth and development of his students and their craft.

Click here to learn more about Jim’s career accomplishments and view images from his award-winning bodies of work.